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Central Research Institute
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    Central Research Institute, its predecessor was founded in March 1997 as Central Research Department, and changed its name to Central Research Institute in April 2005.
    After 19 years of rapid development, CRI has already been more than 300 R & D Engineers ,research is involved with IT, Auto, new energy and other fields.
    CRI has adhered to BYD development programs that are "technology-based and innovation-oriented" since the date of establishment. It not only commit to a variety of new materials research and development, but also reserves the high-level compound talents and provides continuously strong power to the development of BYD.


Main Research Fields

● Surface Technology
● Optoelectronics Technology
● Antenna Technology
● Applied Technology

● Metal Materials
● Semiconductor Materials
● Functional Materials
● Polymer Materials



By 2015, to own several core technologies in acoustics, photonics, electronics, calorifics and magnetics areas; to be capable of developing novel products based on metals, ceramics, polymers and their complex.
By 2020, to be one of the top R&D centers nationwide.
By 2030, to be one of the top R&D centers worldwide.



As the R&D center of the company, Central Research Lab provides robust technical supports for all divisions and designs new products to meet the long-term needs of the company, by
● implementing IT and auto technologies research for all divisions; and
● being the BYD talents pool.

Static analysis of phone cover Simulation of phone dropping
Analysis of antenna radiation Contact between FPC and other parts of the phone

  SEM/EDS X-ray Fluorescence Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer
GC/MS,Agilent,USA AAS,TAS-990 X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer,USA X-ray diffraction meter Rigaku,Japan
ICP JOBIN YVON,French Particle Size Analyzer Honeywell,USA X-TV,Rigaku,Japan FT-IR Nicollet,USA