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Solar Energy
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BYD PV Overview
In green energy industry, BYD provides Solar Module (ranging from BYD wafer to PV module assembly), Inverter, Li-ion battery and LED lighting. Based on these technologies, BYD has developed electric vehicles, energy storage system, solar power system, Hybrid energy system and other green energy solution. In the future, BYD will continue to lead the new energy revolution, to help people get rid of environment issues.
PV Cell
Type of cell BYD 156P-5 busbar BYD 156P-4 busbar
Dimensions 156.75×156.75 ± 0.25 mm 156.75×156.75 ± 0.25 mm
Wavg 4.60W 4.44W
PV Module
PV Module Warranty
■ 10 years warranty
■ 25 years linear warranty
PV Module List
Module type Power Dimension Weight Spec. Installation Certification
BYD PHS-36-4BB 325W-340W 1941*1016*6mm 27.5Kg PHS-36-4BB Installation Manual Certification-PHS P6D
BYD PHS-36-12BB 325W-340W 1941*1016*6mm 27.5Kg PHS-36-12BB
BYD P6D-36-4BB 310W-340W 1956*985*6mm 26.5Kg P6D-36-4BB
BYD P6D-30-4BB 250W-280W 1638*985*6mm 22.1Kg P6D-30-4BB
BYD P6K-36-5BB 325W-340W 1962*992*35mm 22.1Kg P6K-36-5BB Installation Manual Certification-P6K
BYD P6K-30-5BB 265W-280W 1645*992*35mm 18.7Kg P6K-30-5BB
BYD P6C-30-4BB 255W-280W 1645*992*35mm 18.7Kg P6C-30-4BB Certification-P6C
BYD P6C-36-4BB 310W-340W 1962*992*35mm 22.1Kg P6C-36-4BB