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Camera Module
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Brief introduction:


We devoted ourselves to providing our clients with all kinds of solutions of CMOS, CCD image processing. Our product includes cell phone camera module, notebook computer camera module, vehicle camera, light-electricity navigation components etc. Our service ranges from designing, developing, producing to packaging, and clean rooms, with different levels (10 level, 100 level, and 1.000level), cover 10.000 square meters; meanwhile, we are in possession of top manufacture equipments and many automatic production lines. Guided under the vertical and integrated idea of BYD, we believe we are able to offer our clients the most competitive solutions and products. Leading by BYD tenet of customer priority, we are trying our best to give customers the best service. Up to now, we have passed the audit of SUMSUNG,MOTO,NOKIA,HUAWEI as well as other global top companies, and had excellent cooperation with domestic and abroad companies, such as NOKIA, SUMSUNG, MOTOROLA, HUAWEI, LENOVO, TCL, and ZTE etc.


Product application:


Our products are widely used in consumptive digital area, such as mobile phone, notebook computer, and vehicle as well as security surveillance camera.




1.Compact design

Product design develops to be more compact, smaller, less high with the thin, small, light digital consumption trend.


2.Full product range

Pixel type:CIF,VGA,1.3M,2M,3M,5M,8M,12M
Focus type:FF,AF , EDOF and ZOOM
Process type: CSP, COB and Reflow
Product type:mobile camera module ,notebook camera module, surveillance camera; on-board camera ,scan engine and finger navigator


3. Environment friendly

Products in the production of clean workshop dust-free, clean, safe does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury and other metals that pollute the environment, or their concentrations are in the international standard range. 


Product Structure:


COB structure chart

CSP structure chart


Reflow structure chart




Product catalogue:


Type Features Pictures
CIF(0.1M) product ●Sensor: Siliconfile Noon010PC30
●Optical format: 1/11inch
●Pixel size: 3.6um*3.6um
●Package size: 5*5*3.0(+/-0.2mm)
●Lens: BYD M1728(2P)
●DVDD: 1.8V
●AVDD: 2.6~3.0V
●DOVDD: 1.7~3.0V
VGA(0.3M) product ●Sensor: BYD BF3603
●Optical format: 1/10inch
●Pixel size: 2.2um*2.2um
●Package size: 6*6*4.0(+/-0.2mm)
●Lens: BYD MP1803E
●VDD3A: 2.7~3.1V
●VDDIO: 1.7~3.1V
SXGA(1.3M) product ●Sensor: BYD BF3613
●Optical format: 1/5inch
●Pixel size: 2.2um*2.2um
●Package size:
●6.5*6.5*4.3 ( +/-0.2mm)
●Lens: BYD M2620(3P)
●AVDD: 2.8V
●DOVDD: 2.8V
UXGA(2.0M) product ●Sensor: BYD BF3620
●Optical format: 1/4inch
●Pixel size: 2.2um*2.2um
●Package size:
●8*8*5.2 (+/-0.2mm)
●Lens: BYD M3530(3P)
●DVDD: 1.8V
●AVDD: 2.8V
●DOVDD: 2.8V
QXGA(3.0M) product ●Sensor: Samsung S5K4CD
●Optical format: 1/4inch
●Pixel size: 1.75um*1.75um
●Package size:
●Lens: 9407(3P)
●DVDD: 1.7~1.95V
●AVDD: 2.5~3.1V
●DOVDD: 2.5~3.1V
BYD 3.0M AF CCM ●Size:8.5*8.5*6.2(+/-0.2mm)
●Sensor: MT9T113
●Optical format: 1/5inch
●Pixel size: 1.4um*1.4um
●Lens: 9331A6
●F/NO: 2.8+/-5%
●TV Distortion: <1%
●Relative Illumination: 45.3%
●Construction: 3P+1Filter
●FOV: 65.5 º
●Output format: YUV /RGB/ JPEG
BYD 5.0M AF CCM ●Size:8.5*8.5*6.2(+/-0.2mm)
●Sensor: Micron MT9P111
●Optical format: 1/4inch
●Actuator Driver IC: AD5820
●F/NO: 2.8+/-5%
●TV Distortion: <1%
●Relative Illumination: 53%
●Construction: 4P
●FOV: 63 º
●Output format:YUV,JPEG
●Connect type:FPC,BTB
8M AF CCM ●SIZE:8.5*8.5*6.5(+/-0.2mm)
●SENSOR: Samsung 3H1
●Pixel Size:1.4um*1.4 um
●Resolution: 3264 x 2448
●Optical Format: 1/3.2 inch
●Supply Voltage:1.5V/1.8V/2.8V
●Actuator Driver IC:AD5820
●Output Format:10-bit Raw data
●Lens Structure: 4P+1Filter
12M ZOOM ●Size:39.9*32.5*15mm
●Sensor: Samsung 2L1
●Pixel Size: 1.4um*1.4 um
●Resolution: 4000*3000
●Optical Format: 1/2.5 inch
●Lens: 3XZoom
●Supply Voltage: 1.2V/1.8V/2.8V
●EFL : 4.96 – 14.88±10%mm
●TV Distortion: <1%
●Construction: 3Group7 Elements
●FOV: 26º~60º
●FNo : 3.0 -- 5.2 ±5%
●TV-Distortion : ≤1%
●Focus range:10cm~inf
BYD 3.0M EDOF CCM ●Size:8*8*5.2( +/-0.2mm )
●Sensor: ST VD6803
●Optical format: 1/4inch
●Pixel Size:1.75um*1.75um
●Lens: Largan 8102
●F/NO: 2.8+/-5%
●TV Distortion: <1%
●Relative Illumination: 52%
●Construction: 4P
●FOV: 65º
●Output format:Raw data
●Focus range:10cm~inf
BYD Reflow (COB)VGA CCM ●Size:5*5*2.9(+/-0.15mm)
●Sensor: Micron MT9V113
●Optical Format: 1/11inch
●Active pixel array area: 1.43mm*1.07mm
●DVDD: 1.7~1.95V
●AVDD: 2.5~3.1V
●DOVDD: 1.7~1.95V or 2.5~3.1V
●Lens: Ether MP657J
●F/NO: 3.2+/-5%
●TV distortion: <1%
●Relative Illumination: 67%
●Construction: 1G
●Max image circle: Φ1.96mm
●FOV: 72 º
BYD Reflow (CSP)VGA CCM ●Sensor: BYD BF3603
●Optical format: 1/10inch
●Pixel size: 2.2um*2.2um
●Package size: 4*3.2*2.75mm
●Lens: Besso
●VDD3A: 2.7~3.1V
●VDDIO: 1.7~3.1V
●F/NO: 2.8+/-5%
●TV distortion: <1%
●Relative Illumination: 65%
●Construction: 1G
●Image circle radius: 950 um
●FOV: 77 º
BYD Note Book Camera Product ●Sensor /type: BF3620 / CMOS
●Lens: BYD M3530
●Optical format: 1/4inch
●Maximum frame rate: 30 fps
●Output: YUV422/M-JPEG
●Interface: USB2.0
●Operating system:Win98\ME\2000\XP\vista
●S/N ratio : >42db
BYD Bar Code Scanner Product ●Type: Linear scan engine optical
●Sensor Resolution: 1500 pixels
●Field of View: 50°~ 51.8°
●Aiming LED: RED LED 625 nm physical
●Dimension: 38(L)X7.5(W)X12(H)mm
●Housing Material: Plastic、
●Electrical voltage: +3.3V
●work currents: < 35mA
●Standby currents: < 28mA
surveillance camera ●720P High Resolution
●Support P2P technology. LOVE FAMILY Application
●H.264 Compression. Fine and fluent image
●Built-in speaker, microphone, support 2-way talk
●Built-in IR-CUT filter realize real-time monitoring
●Support Wi-Fi
●Micro SD Card to store pictures and video
●Support remote view on Android, iPhone, PC and PAD
●Support motion detection, dynamic snapshot and motion recording
●Support mobile PUSH Alarm
●Cloud Technology. One step to connect internet
On-board camera ●Voltage:12V/24V
●Power consumption:480mW
●FOV(D,H,V): 150º, 127º,104º
Finger Navigator ●Resolution Programmable: up to 1250cpi
●Array size: 19x 19 pixels
●Motion detection : up to 15ips
●IR wavelength: 870nm
●Module size: 8.2 x 8.2 x3.97 mm
●Low power: IDLE adown to 0.15mA
●Run adown to 4.3mA