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EMS Manufacture
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1. Main Production Roadmap:


                                        2006        2007        Q1, 2008        Q2, 2008        Q3, 2008        Q4, 2008        Q1, 2009        Q2, 2009


PCBA Assembly


BT/EMS Engine Mode









2. Process Capability:


★  High-Speed SMT lines (SIEMENS Siplace D serial and Fuji NXT Machine, can satisfy 0201 and 01005 parts) and assembly lines which are the first class equipments in the electronic manufacturing field in the world.
★  AOI 100% inspection on line, X-Ray sampling inspection off line, with printer, Reflow oven, auto or manual under fill machine and de-panel machine.

★  Capability/Facility List


Section Machine Type     Process capability
SMT -  Printer: MPM/DEK - PCB Size: Max:450*328; Min.50*50
-  Mounter: Fuji NXT/Siemens D - PCB Height: Max:4.5mm; Min:0.8mm        
-  Reflow: ERSA 2-20 - Chip size: Min: 0201
-  AOI: VI 3K2/Agilent SJ-50 - Connector: Min: 0.4mm Pitch
-  X-Ray: Phoenix 3D/SMG 2D - BGA/CSP/ :Min: 0.3mm
-  Glue dispenser: Camelot /Asymtek
- SOP/TSOP: Min: 0.4mm
  - QFP: Min: 0.4mm
  - AOI: Online
  - X-Ray: 2D/3D
  - ROHS: Available
Assembly   - Flip/Slider assembly
- Engine assembly
- Color box packing
- ACF/Hot Bar technology
- Wave Solder/DIP assembly
Testing Mobile phone tester/RF tester: - GSM
- CMU200/Agilent 8960 - CDMA2000
- AnritsuMT8852B MT8860A - TD-SCDMA
- R&S CBT Blue Tooth - WCDMA
- Star point TD SP6010 - Wi-Fi
- Willtek4400  - Blue Tooth
- Network Analyzer - WiMax.
- Agilent E5062A - MP4/video/audio/TP/RF/System/HDD testing


3. Equip introduction:


SMT Machine

    ★FUJI NXT SMT Machine






    ★Siemens SMT Machine






Testing  Machine





GSM Testing Station
CDMA Testing Station
TD-SCDMA Testing Station





LCD/Camera Tester
Antenna RF Tester
BT/FT Tester


4. MES Traceability System:


MES Function Introduction

     ●Retroactive effect
     ●On Line Monitor
     ●Process controlling



5. Vision of HZ BYD electronic Corp:


        To become the most effective EMS Provider in the World with the most competition at quality, cost, flexibility and technology.