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Mechanics Technology

4. Mechanics Technology


      As the follow picture shows, the structure has four advantages: Eliminating the weld line of product surface; Making the surface glossy; Improving float fiber effect. Its process is as follows: molding→polishing→high gloss painting→Strippable Coat →CNC.


Samples show


Ⅰ Side slide
      Side slide apply to all key phones,and using special design of spring.Its advantages are as follows- slide freely and stably and good free play.


Ⅱ Vertical slide
      Vertical silde also use the special design of spring.There are some advantages like sliding freely and stably,short overlap,good free play and low cost.


Ⅲ Tilt slide
      Contrast to others,tilt slide use traditional techniques instead Die-casting.It has three advantages as follows- stable, low cost and colorful.


Ⅳ Ultra Thin Slide
      Seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function,ultra thin slide has a special advantage-thin shape.In addition,its cost is low.


Ⅴ Side + tilt slide       Contrast to other slides,it use electric magnet control tilt,and it not have tilt body.In addition,it is easy to open because it has automatic tilt body.


Dual Display
      Dual Display is that two screen of the product are at the same plane.Now,it is widely used in Ebook.Its outstanding advantages are as follows- health reading , dual-screen, dummy Keyboard.


Samples show

E Book


Spring module
      The products our division researches and develops are ultra-thin spring module, longer stroke spring module and single spring .There are some advantages as follows- ultra-thin ,longer stroke and low cost.


Samples show

Ultra-thin spring module

Longer stroke spring module

Single spring

Hinge module
      The hinge modules we research and develop have two advantages-small diameter and low cost.


Samples show
Hinge module
Damper module