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Glass Plastic and Metal Technology

2. Glass, Metal and Plastic Technology

Glass Insert Molding (GIM)

      Glass Insert Molding (GIM) is the technology that integrating A- cover and glass window seamlessly. The technology advantages are as follows: no step, clear border, no saw tooth. The process is as follows: glass processing →glass backside printing → glass front side treatment →Insert molding → plastic decoration.

Samples Show  



Decoration (high gloss)

Test result

Sheet 1
  Test Items Test result
Environment test Temperature Shock OK
Temperature & Humidity Cycle Test OK
Salt Spray Test OK
Intensity Test Combination Strength Test >1000N
Fall free repeated Test >200 times

Plastic Metal Combination

      Plastic Metal Combination is the technology that integrating metal and plastic close.

                                                                                        M&P junction surface

      There are several kinds to combine plastic and metal. One of them is called PML. PML complete process as follows: A-alloy→ PVD (DLC) → PML→ Injection molding.

      The advantages of PML are that no metal and plastic material limit, no treated timeliness requirements and no decoration limit.

Application Development

Plastic Metal Combination