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Cosmetic Treatment and Decoration Technology

3. Cosmetic Treatment and Decoration Technology

Digital Printing (DP)

      Digital Printing is a technology that the computer controls the imaging device, and the ink spray through the print head under a certain pressure, so that it can direct imaging on the printing materials. Digital printing (DP) can print any pictures or photos on plastic bodies, films or glass and used in surface decoration of high grade and personalized products. The technology has four advantages:multi-color ,refined decoration, Personalized and customized, accidental surface decoration.

Samples show:



Easy to Clean (EBVM)

      The technology is using EBVM technology to deposit the Fingerprint Resistant Coating on the surface of the part. The coat has low surface energy, so it is easy to clean the dirt depositing on the surface. Now, the technology is widely used in glass lens .Dyne Pen test and Contact Angle test are necessary test requirements to the coat, and the follows are some optional test requirements: Steel Wool test, Rubber Abrasion test, Salt Mist test, NaOH test.


Samples show

The sample’s test result

Sheet 2
  Acceptance Standard EBVM
Contact angle(°) H2O 95 110
C16H34 65 65
C/T(s/pcs) / 13.8

Decoration or Function - Printing

      There are two kinds of printing-normal printing and special printing. By normal printing we can reach background printing (black and white is mature), logo printing (can reach mirror silver effect), lot number printing.

Samples show

      Special printing is that using special ink to achieve special impression. IR ink is one of the special inks. IR ink printing need to specially control. And in BYD the IR ink printing is also mature (IR ink just have dark color). IR ink transparency : 400nm 30%+/-15%,550nm 35%+/-5%, 700nm 30%+/-15% ,850nm MIN 75%.

Decoration Or Function - Colorful Coating

      Colorful Coating is that Using PVD coating and printing to reach a colorful effect. We can reach colorful coating with metallic effect by Using PVD coating and printing. But the cost of “PVD + printing” is higher than normal printing.

Samples show

Metallic effect

Decoration or Function - AR Coating

      AR coating is short for anti-reflection coating and it is very useful for camera window because the coating can improve the thansparency status of the window. There are some familiar raw materials- TiO2, SiO2, Al2O3, ZrO2 and MgF2.

The sample’s transparency status after AR coating shows in picture.

Single side (front side or back side)
Double side (front side and back side)


Decoration or Function – ASF

      ASF is short for anti-splinter film and it can prevent glass chipping splinter after break. But there are some quality issues caused by ASF and the technology has been limited.