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Overview :
Connector is used to connect two components of the device。 The company keeps science & technology innovation as leading, product internationalization as goal and meeting customer requirements as task. It’s related to mobile phone connector, shielding, connector of digital terminal product, communication network equipment connector, automobile connector, medical treatment connector, computer connector, hi-precision mould and frame of IC down lead etc. We seek professional technology in the industry, excellent product quality, pragmatic management and strong power in order to gain customer’s trust through excellent quality and exquisite service.


Configuration exactitude、thin and that gently、bulk small、capability level off、dependability high

         Battery                Sim Card                    Camera Socket                       USB                   TFCard

Types and applications:

In order to widen the application fields of BYD Connectors and extend its full advantages, some special purpose types have been developed. Detailed characteristics of special purpose connectors are shown in the Individual Data Sheets.

There are eight types of BYD Connectors:



App example

USB/ SIM Card/ TF Card
/ DC-Jack/Audio Jack/
Battery/ Camera Socket
/Spring/ Shielding

A. Long service life and economical
B. High quality and reliability
C. Long shelf life
D. High precise size
E. Wide-Temperature Range
F. Wide application field

mobile phone connector


BYD Connector Predominance

Vertical Integration
     Support EJRD 、OEM &ODM projects;
     Technology sharing and support from other commodity;
Technology & product development
     ODM/design offerings;
     Production Tools design & manufactured in house;
     Own patent;
     Technology in same level with world leading provider;
Cost challenge
     As sub-component to enhance module level cost competitiveness;
     Experienced Manufacture capability;
     Design& manufacture in house guarantee quick response and shorter lead time;
     Full support on each program and 100% OTD;

Test Center

Established in 2003, equipped with most kinds of testing equipments.
Worked together with Nokia, since 2004, have taken more than 30 projects from Nokia.

Composed of mainly:
 Nokia J R&D lab;
 Metal material lab;
 Reliability lab;
 Surface treatment lab;
 Material lab;
 Dimension al lab;
 Software Exploitation team;
 Technical Exploitation Lab;
 Project Management Team.
Testing engineers : experienced testing team