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Charger is a device to provide power to electronic, electric and re-chargeable battery. BYD charger is switch power design/solution product and includes communication charger, Consumer charger, car charger, and computer adaptor (Shorted as 4C charger). It has the feature like high conversion efficiency, quickly charging and meanwhile it has stable performance and long life time. BYD charger has been applied in communication, telephone, office facility, power tools, electronic device, notebook, and emergency lighting etc. industry.


A. Long life time
BYD charger can provide more than 35,000 hrs working life time e.g. more than 4 years, 24hrs continue using(MTBF>35,000 hrs). It can meet the product and device machine and facility powering and charging requirement.

B. High conversion Efficiency
At the same time chargers are widely used in Europe and the US, they are also chosen as preferred products for their high efficiency level (Energy star V) at the rated voltage and current.

C. Low no load power
A low standby power charger can help to save much energy when a charger is plugged in but not connected to a terminal device. The minimum standby power BYD charger consumes can be less than 10mw.

D. Conformity to EU directives on environment & substances, and halogen free
Domestic customers are starting to adopt EU directives on environment & substances, while influential clients in EU and US are starting to require products of halogen free. BYD chargers are green, environment-friendly, which devoted more to environmental protection than competitors.

E. Reliable safety
Product safety authentication and maintenance are essential to charger users and manufacturers.BYD chargers have acquired worldwide certification as CCC, TLC, UL, CE, CB, PSE, BSMI, SAA, NOM, IRAM, etc. Safety components are inspected in full accordance with requirements by safety authentication parties. Application of IC and fuse secure safety and spare users from direct harm. Electromagnetic radiation and electrostatic effects are cleared by routine performance check in EMC, ESD, etc.

G. Wide Range of Applications
BYD chargers vary in output voltages and currents, from 500mA 5V to 2000mA 5V, 2000mA 12V to 4500mA 19.6V. Chargers and adaptors are mainly for communication, consumption, car and notebook, such as mobile, digital products, autos, power tools, office electronic devices, notebooks, Tablet PC, portable hard-disc, portable DVD,etc.

H. High quality and Reliability
BYD charger factory has formally passed DNV audit, and obtained ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO9001, QC080000 certificates.

Charger Types and applications :
In order to expand application fields and give full play to product advantages, BYD has developed a variety of chargers and put them into the market.




Communication Charger

A.  High conversion efficiency
B.  Green Design
     RoHs compliance and Halogen free
C. Small Size
     Smallest size: 28*27*28(Unit:mm)

A.  Mobile Phone
B.  Cordless fixed-line phones
C.  Bluetooth headsets

Consumer Charger

A.  conversion Efficiency
B.  Green Design
     RoHs compliance and Halogen free
C. Quick charging
     less than 15min in extreme

A.  household appliances: electric shaver, tape recorde, etc.
B.  interphone
C.  CD player, radio
D.  Digital camera
E.  Office printer、Copier、electrograph

Car Charger

A.  conversion Efficiency

A.  Auto

Notebook Adaptor

A.  conversion Efficiency
B.  Green Design
     RoHs compliance and Halogen free
C. Fast Charging
     less than 60Min in extreme

A.  Dust collector
B.  power tool
C.  Electric vehicle
D.  remote vehicle
E.  LED light

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