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Bluetooth Headset
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The headset HS6101 is a Bluetooth-enabled, hands free and mono- headset. Headset will be able to establish hands free phone conversation with mobile phones and other portable devices in high quality as long as they minimally support the Bluetooth2.0 specifications.






A. Small and lightweight design with in-ear fit, concision but stylish

B. The earplug cover with rubber, comfortable

C. Briefly Two keys design, easy to apply

D. Auto pairing TM for easier connection to phone

E. Redialing of last dialed number






Bluetooth Vertion V2.0  class 2
Corresponding Frequency 2.4G Hz
Transmission Scope 10m
Battery Capacity 110mAh
Talking Time >7 hours
Standby Time >7 days
Charging Time 2~2.5 hours
Operating Temperate -20~55°C 
Size 60.41(L)×17.45(W)×11.5(H1)  26.47(H2)mm 
Weight <13g