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Acoustical products
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Brief :

   Acoustical component is an audio-electric converting device, which complete conversion by electromagnetic induction, electrostatic induction, piezoelectric effect. All acoustical components which provided by us have stability performance and long life. Used widely in various fields, such as communication、telephone、home theatre and auto...

style and application 

    We have developed types of acoustical products to expand more application for meet requirements and advantages .specific description for types of products as follow:

main type as follow for communication:
1、Micro-speaker: playing music are widely used in high quality communication and consumer electrical product。
2、Earphone: accessory matching with mobile phone. With excellent natural sound.
3、Microphone: matched with microspeaker ,and used in high communication and consumed product
For auto use, products as follow   :
Auto loudspeaker:    1. dynamic cone loudspeaker
                                 2. flat plane loudspeaker
Auto electric horn:   1. Electric disc horn
                                 2.  Electric snail horn






1. This product has sensitive sound, long life, and the scale is small
2. low power and high sensitivity: the power is 3-5mW,and the sensitivity can achieve 118DB.
3.high fidelity: the THD<5%.

Notebook , mobile phone, earphone,


1.the product has natural sound, and have distortion-free bass sound, comfortable earbud design
2.long life: Place earphone at the free interspace and at the radiation state then throw 5mW WHITE NOISE to the input part and last48 hours should no defect

mobile phone,MP3,MP4,electron reader.


1. High sensitivity, long life, multiform style, and used for every communication equipment.
2. economy and aspect is good.


dynamic cone loudspeaker

1. simple structure, easy to product, low cost
2. excellent performance, flat frequency response at middle-frequency
3. small volume, no magnetic interference

Transportation Vehicles(Auto), Household Acoustic

flat plane loudspeaker

1.  eliminate antechamber effect, flat frequency response
2. larger vibration area, wider frequency band, low distortion
3. sound source in the same position, good phase property
4.very thin, can be suspended and embedded, nice appearance

Transportation Vehicles(Auto), Household Acoustic

Electric disc horn

1. The shape of flat, small, light weight and easy to install, pleasant voice, good sound quality;
2. Long life (up to more than 100,000), the direction good, low cost, stability of economy and performance
3. Current stability

Transport (auto)

Electric snail horn

1. Incidental loudhailer extinguishers, speaker volume into a snail-shaped tube to compress the volume of loud sound beautiful;
2. Long life (up to more than 100,000), the direction good, low cost, stability of economy and performance
3. Current stability

Transport (auto)