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Corporate Culture
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BYD is constantly committed to constructing a strong corporate culture and sharing its prosperity with all of its employees. BYD is devoted to carrying out its core corporate culture of “equality, factuality, passion and innovation”, adhering to the development concept of “technology based and innovation oriented”, and seeking to develop its quality culture under the theme of human-nurturing before goods-building and earnestness, etc.
Equality, Factuality, Passion and Innovation
BYD has gradually developed and gestated its core corporate culture of equality, factuality, passion and innovation during its development.

BYD has always been pursuing the core value of equality, advocating a corporate culture everyone is equal, and maintaining a fair, just and open corporate culture atmosphere. Factuality is the virtue BYD has always been insisting to. The habit of saying less and doing more has been inherited by BYD people, a group of passionate people pursuing perfection and new targets. BYD can always forge ahead with dreams, with innovation and core competence as its motivity.
Development concept of technology-based and innovation-oriented
  Since its establishment, BYD has been adhering to the development concept of technology-based and innovation-oriented, paying high attention to personnel training, and creating core competitiveness of "quality, cost and efficiency" relying on strong R & D and innovation capabilities. Technology-based and innovation-oriented is BYD's development concept, as well as the grand strategy finally founded through continuous accumulation, review and adjustment.

Looking back on BYD's self-developed process, development concept of technology-based and innovation-oriented has always run through development
and become the core advantage to overcome difficulties. The success that BYD has already achieved is due to the bold innovation mind, incessant technology reforms, great focus on technology research, vast investment on innovative mechanism for scientific research, unique innovative talent nurturing mechanisms, and the development of corporate technology as well as innovation culture.
Staff Welfare
Staff is the only asset in an enterprise that can appreciate, and is also the most important asset. It’s one of BYD’s remarkable performances in carrying out social responsibilities to provide a good environment for staff to grow, to develop and to accelerate success, while relying on staff to create excellent products and experiences.

BYD built the high-end and fashionable BYD village, village 2 and village 3(Under construction), so that effectively alleviating employees' pressure on house buying. Now, the self-constructed BYD village is full of BYD's
self-developed sedans. BYD Invested in school to take care of the kids of staff, so that solving the schooling of staff’s children. BYD constructed the Comprehensive Cultural and Sports Center, so as to providding to enrich the staff's work-life balance. BYD have been trying to establish a kind and comfortable working and living environment. 

With the development of the company, BYD continuously adjust and improve the care to staff.
Quality culture
  BYD seeks to develop its culture of quality and excellence through a long term development initiative. Quality culture construction is further progressed under the theme of human-nurturing before goods-building and earnestness, building and improving the high-quality image of BYD with assiduous efforts.

The direct meaning of human-nurturing before goods-building is that employees' quality decides products' quality. Many aspects completed involved in the establishment and implementation of various systems, researching and manufacturing of products and quality systems are achieved by employees.

Employees' quality directly decides these qualities. Based on the awareness of the importance of employees' qualities, the concept of human-nurturing before goods-building thus comes into being. As the development of its corporate culture continues to progress under the theme of human-nurturing before goods-building, the meaning of BYD quality will rise to a new level and become a pillar of the company's development.

To further promote corporate quality culture, BYD announces that asking earnestness for future. The earnestness BYD promotes not only means to be devoted and careful, but also to adopt dedicated, responsible attitude and reasonable, effective method, get ready and plan for each work, master each detail during working process, effectively and rapidly solve unexpected problems, and complete tasks with maximum excellence. Always and forever, every tache and attitude can reflect the spirit and essence of earnestness. BYD generalizes earnestness in the whole company as a assess standard and integrates Earnest Spirit into corporate culture so that earnestness becomes the typical label of BYD people.

Culture is a kind of common sense. The corporate culture of BYD is the common sense shared by all BYD employees. It contains the same faith and value-set of all BYD employees, and guides all BYD employees to work together. We believe, BYD will continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation, factuality and earnestness to create even more brilliant achievements under the guidance of BYD's excellent corporate culture.